I May Be Wrong…!

Life is full of mystery. Till now I don’t know why I purchased this domain and why I created this blog. But I learned a Lot. Admired by the world of blogosphere I started my journey as an enthusiast blogger. Later I came to know my empty mind don’t have anything to serve for this blogosphere. I may be wrong. Even after setting the topic I am still thinking what to write. This is what I am…!

What is the knowledge we looking for?

My dad always used to say knowledge is wealth and you should learn for knowledge.  I am an average rank holder and good learner during my school days. But I managed to pass the entire subject. I completed my college in the reputed intuition. Even the course I took was good. I completed my graduation with first class. I gained knowledge.

Don’t dream now me as a successor of life at present. I am not.

Still now I am confused what knowledge is meant for and what kind of knowledge I gained. I want to know whether the knowledge meant for gathering information about the things or knowing the ways of earning wealth.

Life is the major transport which drops you in the place where you don’t want to get down. I may be wrong that I chose the wrong transport. I educated in life science and now working with computers. Still wondered why I gave up my educated knowledge to the computer for my survival.

Still confused why knowledge on things is needed when it is not able take care of our survival?

I came up from my college nest as like a small bird comes out of its nest with lot of expectations. But I soon face the hurting of expectations.  Started my career growth as a medical representative and now standing as a web designer. I had a vast experience in the game of career snake and ladder. Unfortunately I faced lots of snakes than the ladders.

Is this the fault with our education system or due to giving more employment opportunity for selected fields?
Sometimes I used to think why only the cost of essential things getting higher then rate of my essential income.

I am exploring what I missed in myself? I may be wrong. Who knows this wrong path will take me to the treasure.

Hope for the best in the coming 2013.

May be bore for you. It’s the law of nature - the other people’s life always seems to be bore for us than ours…!